About Us

Critical Routing, LLC was founded to provide highly specialized prototype and production Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout and Design services in the areas of high voltage, power, and EMI / EMC. We recognize that out of the thousands of PCB design houses out in the industry today, almost none of engineers and designers at these firms have the proper knowledge and experience in high voltage and power to properly layout and route a printed circuit board which contains those type of critical circuits. At Critical Routing, LLC, all of our PCBs are designed and routed by engineers and designers that have extensive knowledge in these areas.

We offer a variety of services at Critical Routing, LLC including full prototyping and production services as well as EMI / EMC design and troubleshooting. For students and amateur enthusiasts, we offer a very competitively priced PCB design service which will generate 6-10 high quality PCB boards from your own schematic and parts list.

Critical Routing, LLC is a division of Eastern Voltage Research.


Our engineers and designers have extensive experience in the following areas and will put this expertise to use in designing and creating your prototype or production circuit, PCB, or assembly.

  • High Voltage Generation (Marx Generators, CW Multipliers, Power Supplies, Tesla Coils)
  • High Voltage Measurement (Voltage / Capacitive Dividers)
  • Pulsed Power
  • High Bandwidth Current Transformers
  • Analog Design
  • DC-DC and AC-DC Power Conversion
  • EMI / EMC for Design
  • Fiber Optic Conversion
  • LED Lighting Power Supplies and Drivers
  • Mechanical Design / 3D Modeling
  • Electrical Simulation and Analysis (PSPICE, LTSPICE, Maxwell3D, MATLAB, MathCad, etc...)

Why choose Critical Routing, LLC?

Quality, Service and Commitment to your project!
Critical Routing, LLC is an industry leader in high quality Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and prototype services, offering the very best service at competitive prices.

We are considered one the country's top specialized PCB design companies in the area of high voltage and power. As mentioned above, our specialties include high voltage, power conversion, pulsed power, and low voltage analog design. We offer competitive rates, quick turnaround times and a personal commitment to meet your design needs.

Though located in New Jersey, customers worldwide trust us with their projects due to our well documented workflow structure and high level of communication.

Experts in High Voltage and Power:
Whether your are looking to design a 100kV high voltage divider, a 1000A peak current pulsed power generator, or a 500kV impulse generator, we can handle it! Send us your design and we will generate a thorough and competitive quote. As we have said before, no one out performs Critical Routing, LLC in the areas of high voltage and power PCB design and layout. We fully understand all design parameters in these areas including EMI / EMC, high voltage creepage and clearance, coupling, as well as how to control parasitic capacitances and inductances that can wreak havoc on your design.

Tools Used:
Critical Routing, LLC utilizes the latest versions of the best products for both PCB design and general engineering as well as documentation.

Communication is a key to success!

Critical Routing, LLC prides itself of its high level of design communications.

Mailing Address:
Critical Routing, LLC
141-I Route 130 South
Suite 255
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Our main phone number is (888) 235-1899. Please free to call at any time during normal business hours to discuss your project.

Our fax number is (888) 235-1899.

Please contact us at any time via the email address below with regards to sales, quotes, and general inquiries. Critical Routing, LLC can send / receive email attachments up to 10M in size. Please email as often as you wish with questions and / or comments regarding your project. Email us at:


On-Line Meeting:
Critial Routing, LLC has the capability to set up online meetings for use in real-time design reviews.

Pricing Information:
Critical Routing, LLC is committed to providing accurate estimates and knows how important keeping a project within a company's budget really is. We at Critical Routing, LLC promise that we will do our very best to first understand your project's requirements and your design before providing you with an estimate.