Engineering Design Services - Mechanical Design

Critical Routing, LLC offers a full range of engineer design services to meet your prototype and production requirements. A partial listing of the electrical design services we offer is listed below:

  • Electrical Design - Analog Circuits
  • Electrical Design - High Voltage Circuits
  • Electrical Design - Power Circuits and Power Supplies (Linear and Switching)
  • Simulation and Analysis
  • Design White Papers
  • Design Reviews
  • Parts List Generation and Vendor Selection
  • Electrical CAD services - Cable drawings, Wire Connection Lists, Schematics




Mechanical and 3D Modeling

The engineers and designers at Critical Routing, LLC have extensive experience in analog circuit design. Analog circuits involve any type of signal that is of varying magnitude as opposed to digital circuits which are essential just 0's or 1's. Example analog circuits include power supplies, sensor applications, audio and video, wireless applications, filter and signal processing, and lighting circuits including LEDs. The following list outlines some of our analog design capabilities:

  • Power supply design (linear and switching)
  • Sensor applications (pre-amplifiers, PIC microcontroller A/D conversion)
  • Audio applications (filter, signal processing, amplification)
  • General amplifier design
  • Measurement and display technology
  • LED lighting control and driver circuits
  • High bandwidth voltage and current measurement