Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design - High Voltage

High voltage printed circuit board (PCB) design can be very challenging. There are a number of complexities in high voltage PCB design that require special expertise and experience to achieve a PCB that will work under all conditions in high voltage applications. Some of these include designing in the proper creepage and isolation clearances required in a design. For those not familiar with this type of design, creepage refers to voltages tracking across the top of a PCB board while isolation is generally clearances between components on a PCB board through air or other mediums such as potting material or oil. There are also board parasitics which need to be addressed - especially in high frequency applications and particularly those which are embedded in a non-conductive potting material or oil.

Luckily, the designers and engineers at Critical Routing, LLC have nearly two decades of experience with high voltage board layout and routing. Whether your PCB requires critical routing elements such as board slots, special selection of potting material to minimize effects of parasitics through the potting material, or proper layout for the high voltage levels associated with the design, we can assist with your design - from beginning to end.


Highest Quality Standards and Communication

Critical Routing, LLC's circuit board layout clients always get the most professional levels of customer service for their project. Fast turnarounds, efficient communication, total turn-key solutions, and the latest technology are all aspects of the quality design service you receive from Critical Routing, LLC. When you work with Critical Routing, LLC, you know your project is in the hands of more than two decades of experience. All of our PCB design projects are handled in a timely, professional fashion, and every aspect of your circuit board layout project is checked and verified through regular reviews and communications. From the first PDF schematic capture check prints to regular teleconferences and placement / routing checks, Critical Routing, LLC is committed to absolute quality.

And with unique situations, such as high voltage and power designs, especially those with stringent EMI / EMC requirements, you will be comforted to know that most of our PCB designers are degree'd engineers with extremely high proficiencies in both high voltage, analog, and power routing.

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