Full Prototype Design Service

Here at Critical Routing, LLC, we have a wide array of prototype services which can transform your idea into a piece of working hardware. Engineers and designers at Critical Routing, LLC have extensive experience in developing prototype equipment for clients in educational, commercial, military, and aerospace applications. Whether you are looking to develop a new and novel LED lighting system or a high voltage, pulsed power system, we can take your design and functional requirements and create a fully, functioning piece of hardware.

Critical Routing, LLC also has extensive experience in developing production quality test fixtures used for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in a wide array of manufacturing environments.

Experience and Capabilities
Engineers and designers at Critical Routing, LLC have a vast network of engineering talent at our disposal to ensure that our clients receive the best design and prototyping services in the industry. Our areas of prototype-specific expertise and capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following specialties:

  • Small assembly design and packaging
  • Customized plastic enclosures and silkscreen design
  • Front panel design
  • CNC and 3D printer prototypes and assemblies
  • Custom sheet metal enclosures and assemblies
  • Graphics and control panel design
  • Production PCB test fixture design

Purchasing / Quotes

For quotes and additional information, please contact us through our contact page.