Express Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Prototype Service

Our Express PCB prototype service is designed and priced specifically for amateurs, students, and electronic enthusiasts looking to have relatively small sized (4" x 6" or less) PCBs designed and manufactured for use in prototype and single-build projects. We recognize that amateurs and students have limited budgets, and we have provided special pricing for this service with that in mind. By simply providing us with your schematic and a detailed parts list, we will do all the PCB design work for you and deliver QTY 4 boards within 2 weeks from the time you place your order. For sizes greater than 4" x 6", please check out our standard PCB Design Services.

The price for this service is a flat rate of $499.99 plus shipping.
Our Express PCB prototype service is only offered to amateur electronic enthusiasts and students. For commercial customers, please visit our standard PCB Design Services webpage.

The information you need to provide us with at receipt of your order is a board outline drawing with all mounting features fully dimensioned, a schematic (hand drawn or digital format) and a detailed parts list which includes part number, REFDES, manufacturer, and distributor.

Please see the side bar to the right.

The following features are not permitted with the Express PCB prototype service:

  • More than 2 layers (Please see our standard PCB Design Services)
  • RF components and stripline
  • High speed digital routing (differential pairs, controlled impedance)
  • High pitch SMT packages (BGAs, large FPGA or CPLDs, etc...)
  • prototypepcb09_lg
    Power Distribution Board and Inrush Current Limiter
  • prototypepcb11_lg
    Fiber Optic MIDI Interface
  • prototypepcb18_lg
    RF Amplifier LCD Control Module
  • prototypepcb04_lg
    2500A Cascaded High Bandwidth Current Transformer Carrier
  • prototypepcb10_lg
    Gate Driver Boards for CM300 IGBT Modules
  • prototypepcb01_lg
    1000A High Bandwidth Current Transformer Carrier
  • prototypepcb14_lg
    Self-Resonant Tesla Coil with PCB Integrated Primary Coil
  • prototypepcb12_lg
    Pumpkin Lantern Module w/ Microprocessor
  • prototypepcb02_lg
    Power Supply Full-Bridge PWM Controller
  • prototypepcb17_lg
    Student VU Meter Prototype Board
  • prototypepcb13_lg
    Human Conductivity Experiment Prototype
  • prototypepcb20_lg
    Microprocessor Controlled RGB LED Illumination Units
  • prototypepcb19_lg
    Dual LED Strobe Light Development Board
  • prototypepcb05_lg
    High Current Busbar designed for a CM300 IGBT Half-Bridge
  • prototypepcb16_lg
    Half-Bridge Board using two (2) SOT-227 IGBTs
  • prototypepcb07_lg
    Wireless Energy LED Demonstration Board
  • prototypepcb03_lg
    Microprocessor controlled LED Sequencers
  • prototypepcb06_lg
    High Power Rocketry Altimeter and Stage Igniter Board
  • prototypepcb08_lg
    PWM Controller for Resonant Power Supply
  • prototypepcb15_lg
    PWM Controller for high power pulsed Full-Bridge power supply


To purchase this service, please use the PAYPAL link below.


Once you have purchased this service, please submit your files to the email address listed on our contact page. Once we receive the files, we will review them and send you an email confirmation with your receipt and also any applicable notes and or questions regarding your design. If we find any issues or determine your design does not meet our Express PCB prototype service requirements, we will simply refund your PAYPAL payment and send you an email specifying the reasons.